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How Can I Lose a Few Pounds Before the Holidays?

It’s something that so many of us think about as we face the holiday season—how can I lose a few pounds before they hit? With all of the fun occasions, it’s no wonder that we all want to look our best. With that comes the desire to lose a few pounds and feel good in […]


What Can I Change Up If I’m Stuck at a Plateau?

It’s a part of fitness and weight loss that plagues us and makes us cringe—that inevitable and very frustrating plateau! You’re going along losing weight and noticing your body change, when suddenly the results stop coming. Suddenly you are faced with the reality that you are not losing the weight anymore, and the scale is […]


Personal Training Can Help You Through That Plateau

If you find yourself at that inevitable weight loss plateau, then it may be time to enlist the help of a specialist. Just as you would turn to a specialist in any other area of your life, a personal trainer can help you to reach your fitness goals. Where they can be particularly helpful is […]