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Approximately one-third of an adult’s life is spent at work. Sedentary activity occupies an average 39 hours per week for adults, with close to 10 hours of this sitting at work.

People employed in more sedentary occupations such as clerical and administrative workers spend on average 22 hours a week sitting for work.

Source: ABS ‘Australian Health Survey: Physical Activity’, 2011-12

And, thanks to technology and demand, the 9-to-5 is well and truly gone in today’s corporate world – making a work-life balance harder to achieve.

Studies have shown that an employee’s work environment, whether positive or negative, has a significant impact on their mental and physical wellbeing. KPIs, time pressures, people, workload and an individual’s position or role are all contributing factors.

To combat this, employers in the early 2000s decided to adopt what we at Actual Fitness call “the lazy corporate health program provider”. Larger gym chains would contact the relevant HR personnel and simply provide a cheap, discounted rate on memberships for their staff.

The idea was good in theory but, unfortunately, the result was not. Large gyms were recording poor membership usage; at the lowest point, a mere five per cent of members were actually using the facilities – yet corporate clients were continuing to pay for the service.

Not surprisingly, consumers began to develop a general distrust of fitness providers. Inflexible conditions such as locked-in contracts, joining fees, exit interviews and membership-suspension payments further damaged the integrity of the fitness industry.

Actual Fitness takes a different, more personal approach to corporate health: we look after your people by treating them like our own. We care about their health, their mental state, their nutrition and their goals just as much as they do. With regards to your corporate wellness program, we make your business’ desired outcomes our highest priority.

Our approach is simple: we do not prescribe a set structure on what you must agree to. Each new client and goal is treated as a brand-new journey. We work together with businesses and their teams on cultural change and team bonding, providing education on mindset, goal setting, nutrition and exercise.

We understand the growing need to invest in the wellness of your employees, as well as the benefits/importance of maintaining balance and stability in the workforce.

Above all, we also understand the corporate environment and have handpicked a team of trainers who have been exposed to the demands of corporate life. By doing this we have the perfect balance of accountability and empathy for the busy, time poor, corporate worker.

People are your company’s greatest asset – let us help you take care of them. Personal training or group training sessions can be scheduled to fit employees’ schedules.

Our trainers are also available to come to your workplace to consult on health and fitness and to train in the office. Call us today to discuss how we can help you keep your employees happy, healthy and achieving their personal best at work.

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