Weight Loss

weight loss woman with kettle bell

Real(istic) weight loss, real fast

The Actual Fitness team specialises in weight loss – all part of building a healthier you. We analyse both your fitness and lifestyle habits, as well as your mindset.

It has to do with our tailored approach to fitness. We are in this together.

And we know the way to get the results you’re looking for is to get to know you. Working out is only half the battle. We want you to win the weight loss war.

Specialising in all aspects of health and fitness, our team can make your weight loss dreams a reality.

Want to lose that baby weight? We can help.

Have you let yourself get to a weight that is causing you concern about your health? We love a challenge.

Just a kilo or two to lose? We get it!

We will formulate a program that will get you to where you want to be.

“Weight loss is your gain.”

Our studio and our trainers are well equipped to make your weight loss dreams a reality. With vast experience in weight loss solutions big and small, Actual Fitness has you covered. We are passionate about getting you to look and feel great.

Let’s get to work. You won’t just feel the difference. You will see the difference.

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